Saturday, February 17, 2018

Various Things Spied Through my Little Eye

Visiting LEA various builds....


 Baby Kandy Kane's progress....
 Horses KT and Jamie sleeping;  set to mate...KT [female white] Jamie [male Orange]
 Plunging into the darkest corners of the human the latest curiosity...tentacles...slime...aliens...more on that to come...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wolf and Kandy Kane horse

Horse sleeping

Dock Gone Replaced by Islands

 Squish is floating with me in lagoon:

Ziggy Stardust's Brain

New Lagoon and Islands

 Pictures around the land..

Inside of Library changed; bar added and many places to sit; will be starting a discussion group...

 I'm collecting all the bookcases I can find on MP etc...

 Great animation of drinking right from bottle [look above and below]

Oscar behind bar

More Pictures around the land as it is now...

 House in the sky....some improvements lowered prims all pose balls for a romantic evening out and unused :(  [lol]