Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tomorrow is the opening day :

Please come by and visit....**Welcome Home**

Keeping It All Together - Virtually

One thing that [for me] that has been a challenge is keeping a record of what goes on in SL as well as my own particular growth.  A few months ago I started a special notecard file that I am using now as a notepad/filing cabinet et al

Here is what I have been up too so far:

"I burn, I pine, I perish."      —Lucentio in The Taming of the Shrew

This Build Photos: 􀀁   􀀀   􀀃   􀀄


Thank you for visiting my creation(s)...I love to build and create in SL and some other virtual worlds with my own artistic feeling.  If you visit another virtual world, you will always find me there as Saoirse Heart.

Pronounced "SEER-sha"

I've done a lot of things so far, yet there remains so much more for me to experience and explore...listen to me walk through SL with the Podcast Undressing Underground with their host:

Other Projects....
♬ Backup Singer Hiess Project Band Nov 2016 to as needed

Writing and Podcast
♬ SL Enquirer Reporter Sept 2016 [staff] June 2017 [free lance]
♬Host of Windlight Magazine Podcast "Art in the Metaverse" weekly  [2015-Feb 2016]
♬Art Critic Windlight Magazine  [2015-Feb 2016]

Art Shows/Locations
♬Curator of Ta an Saol Ealain [TSE] Gallery opened 11/15/2015 closed 3/31/2017
♬Resident Artist of Ta an Saol Ealain[TSE] Gallery 11/16 to 3/17
♬ I on Art Soho Gallery : Black and White* 11/15 to 12/15; Art in Motion* 1/2/16-2/2/16
♬ Creations Gallery Dec(15)Jan-Feb(16)
♬Windlight Magazine Fellow September 2015
♬ Windlight Winter Showcase 2015
♬ Art Critic I on Art; Saturdays with Seersha
♬Dystopia Photo Exhibition* Soho Oct-Dec 2016

Projects at Burningman SIM:
♬ Juried Builder of Burningman 2015 [plot titled Tempesta]
♬ Santalarity 2015 [Burningman land]
♬ Burn2 Equinox April 2-3 2016
♬ Builder BM Oct 16 Installation:Welcome to my Nightmare
♬ Conception Take A Look Inside July 14-16, 2017

SL is my primary virtual home, I am also a resident of Open SIM, InWorldz, High Fidelity, IMVU in the same name. Saoirse Heart.

You may contact me via
email         twitter:  @saoirseheart     facebook: Saoirse Heart Moore


* I curated show

Monday, July 10, 2017

Burning man Conception July 14-16 2017

These are some pix of my cube...this is going to be a FANTASTIC event hope you make it

The cubes will be down for the event, in most of these pics I have the cube up so you may see inside

Conception : Take A Look Inside

Though the title of this blog may sound a bit pretentious, and although I often write about self important projects....the title is the latest activity at my FAVORITE place to express myself artistically....Burningman

SOON *July 14-16* *2017* you may visit the playa and see many cubes to peek into...I hope you attend...and I will post pictures here [I hope] in a timely fasion.

I've been away from the blog for quite some the interim writing for SL Enquirer

and just dragging my feet a is the case for most of us large in the metaverse can be a bit ebb and flow.

so let's get right to it.....btw new hair for months hair in SL means

(1) you love hair and experiment frequently
(2) you have changed lovers and want to put away the old stuff

off now with you.....visit burn2 website and see what's coming up...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

BURN2 Let's look around....much more up and in place[Post 11]

Twoey and I rode horses around, then did a bit of flying to see what is happening around the burn...